Mumbai an Emotion

“Mumbai is undoubtedly cultural life and gentle emotion.”

Many local people typically call Mumbai or Bombay. There are different names but one key city.

Many local people wisely said Mumbai is infectious.
Once you traditionally start living lavishly in Mumbai, undoubtedly working in Mumbai, I don’t think you can live anywhere else.

A modern city of lifelong dreams, a booming city which naturally has something special in the fragrant air.
A fortified city which accurately represents a genuine emotion, which can’t express in specific words.
But still, you can genuinely try to generously allow you heartily enjoy pleasant words.

Mumbai merely enjoys glorious Magical morning with its energetic atmosphere.
As much as you will stay there but still you feel unsatisfied.

Mumbai typically considers identical noon with its hustle-bustle of Mumbaikars.
Only you can properly recognize the vast precise organization of dabbawala in Mumbai.
Mumbai, where you can typically find vada-pav with some green chilis and their unique chutneys.

Mumbai heartily receives a pleasant evening with its great madness.
Wherever you may intentionally go in the developed world but you can’t feel glorious sunset like Marine drive(Mumbai).
You can’t stop your self to spend time at marine drive, whether you are overworked or not.

Mumbai typically includes a delightful night. Which, the mighty will not allow you to sleep without carefully observing its ideal beauty.
Mumbai, where you experience the authentic taste of buttery pav bhaji.

Mumbai has universally recognized for its an insane monsoon.
You can not feel Monsoon like Mumbai anywhere.

A modern city famed for its unique Historical spots, attractive Religious places and Bollywood.
An independent city has vibrant of Skyscrapers.

A wealthy city is prominent for many business tycoons, Industrialist and influential politicians.

An established city which undoubtedly remains the economic hub of diverse businesses.

A flourishing city where you can undoubtedly discover Asia’s most enormous slum.
Where can you discover developed lots of diverse business?

Mumbai’s Bandra Worli Sea-link bridge is one of the iconic benchmarks of India.

Mumbai, where you can undoubtedly find economic lifeline named Mumbai local trains.
Many diverse people with the remarkable stories of their modern lives, daily travel in Mumbai’s local train.
Mumbai’s a local train, which accurately represents the remarkable journey of civilized life.

Mumbai undoubtedly has various organized religion’s responsible people and cultural festivals.
You will feel unisolated while you are over here.

You can genuinely feel this proper city is talking eagerly with you.
Mumbai’s sparkling sea narrated you remarkable stories which are undoubtedly gathered by the boundless sea on every possible day.
Mumbai is as harsh as its peculiar softness.

Mumbai precious is precisely the heartbeat of an innocent person who is living there.

Mumbai is undoubtedly cultural life and gentle emotion.


A smart with a college education, very nice and loving. Puts my needs before hers and will do anything to make me happy. Has a good moral background and has family values. Wants to have kids and a family. A girl who will always appreciate what I do for her no matter how little or big.Perfect white teeth and an amazing smile.

She is a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to approach a man that she finds attractive. Her confidence is clearly evident without being overly cocky. This girl needs to have ambition and motivation towards a goal she wants to achieve in her life. She is independent and can take care of herself but not shy about asking for help should she need it. She appreciates the little things that I do for her and is sensitive to that fact that a man needs her to lean on from time to time as well.

Physical attraction is obviously important but certainly isn’t the deciding factor. Last but absolutely not least, LOYALTY and TRUST is a must. Respect, loyalty, trust and the ability to just simply enjoy each other’s company.

Attitude towards life.

If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you’d be surprised by how well things can work out… Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And complaining won’t make us happier.


“Thank you for the peacefulness, safety and nurturing you provided. Also, the memory prompts were meditations that brought me deep into my own stories. You were always uplifting and inspiring. I would highly recommend your class to people who are ready to move forward in their lives and truly let go and make peace with their past.”